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Introduction to the HLR
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In October 1974, following correspondence between Chris Draper in Germany and Victor Thomas in England, it was decided to form a Register to involve others with similar early Lotus cars. Vic created an application form for the Lotus Historic Register - by December 1974 there were five members. Early in 1975 Bill Friend joined as member No. 6 and suggested the name be Historic Lotus Register .

Newsletter No. 1 was sent out in April 1975 and No. 2 in July 1975; Bill Friend had designed the HLR badge and the membership had risen to 40. An inaugural meeting was organised by Bill Friend and Alan Hall at Bill's farm near Hatfield, north of London on Sunday 28th September 1975. This was well attended, with cars ranging from a 1954 Mk VIII to the current Mk 76 F1 car loaned for the meeting by Colin Chapman. The second meeting took place at the Prescott Hill Climb in June 1976 and Eric Perrin attended as the first overseas member. Contact was made with the Lotus Eleven Register in the USA, founded independently by Russ Hoenig in 1973, and an exchange of ownership records, early drawings and other information took place.


Since those early days, the Historic Lotus Register has grown into a highly specialised information bureau. For many years only the front-engined cars were included up to the Type 17, but more recently this has been expanded to include most of the models up to and including the Type 30 and 40, plus the Type 31, 41, 51 and 61 cars.  Effective in 2017 the Type 14 Elite was added through a merger with Club Elite.

The Historic Lotus Register operates through a series of Registrars, each of whom accumulates and records information on the early history and subsequent details of their particular model or models of Lotus.  Apart from accumulating data on these early and historic Lotus cars, the Historic Lotus Register forms a central information point for technical details concerning them, and the availability of parts; plus details of specialist manufacturers who can supply replacement parts and services.

HLR regularly participates in major historic motoring events. Racing members compete at these meetings and other Lotus owners' cars are displayed. Both have the opportunity to air their cars during occasional circuit test days.

The Newsletter has grown into a magazine HISTORIC LOTUS which is published four times each year to subscribing members.

HLR Ltd, Company Number 9899386, was incorporated on 2nd December 2015 under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company limited by guarantee.


The Historic Lotus Register is not limited to its present range, and it is intended that it should register details of any historic Lotus car marks/types produced in the 1950s and 1960s.