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The simple newsletter produced by the HLR in the mid-1970s has grown into Historic Lotus, an authoritative magazine that is read and enjoyed throughout the world. Topics range from historic, technical, restoration, current racing event coverage and a variety of other insights into these cars and what makes them special. Issues are mailed to members four times a year.

Historic Lotus No. 103 Winter 2020
Missing Image Editorial Mike Seymour
Chairman's Report Erling Lindoe
More MkVI TKO 9 Charles Helps
The Lotus 12 Mike Bennett
Lotus S2 Seven - in recovery Tom Rae
Lotus XI - Reg. MVH 2 Michael D Wadmore
Six Matters Barry Davison
Brief History - Argentinean Lotus Seven Pablo Benech
Sporting Reflections Brian Arculus
The Mystery Ford 109E engine block Keith Baylis
HLR Archive Spot
Letters Ron Liddiard, Alvin Cohen, Mike Marsden, Brian Caldersmith