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Nigel Halliday
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Nigel Halliday


59, Orchehill Avenue

Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 8QH

Telephone: 01753 893285

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Nigel keeps records of the very early cars made by Colin Chapman, the Mark I, the Mark II, the two Mark IIIs (and the missing third chassis frame), the Mark IV and what little information is available on the Mark V, which was never built.

Lotus Mark I
1947 - Colin Chapman's first Austin Seven Special. Photo by Peter Ross in 1948
Lotus Mark II
1949 - 1172cc side valve Ford engine. This is the car owned by Nigel; he and his son are in the picture above.
Lotus Mark III
1951-52. Built for Club sports car racing to the 750 and 1172 Formulae.
Lotus Mark IV
This is the car built for Mike Lawson and now owned by the Barber Museum , Birmingham, Alabama, USA.