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Photographs of the 2008 Le Mans Classic, France
taken by Hubert Baradat, unless stated

The HLR/Club Elite display
(photo Dr John Laycock)

864EPC is the ex-Ivor Bueb Series 2 Lotus Eleven Le Mans of Mike Wilson chassis #309, and next to it is the special bodied Lotus Mk VI with MG engine and de Dion back axle of Jack Taylor

David Harvey's Lotus Mk III replica heads the HLR line up

Lotus Mk VI of Colin Brewer

Engine types in the Lotus Sixes - from left RYO 9: MG 1466cc, LJG 919 MG 1250cc, JZ 7890 Ford 1508cc, MFW 616 Ford 1172cc.  Colin Brewer's car UPL 5 has the 1172 cc E93A engine whereas MFW 616 has the 1172cc 100E motor.

Lotus Sevens

Lotus Elite of Martin Aubert (greg photo)

Lotus Fifteen of Ewan McIntyre (greg photo)

Lotus Eleven of Yannick Verhille (greg photo)

Lotus Elan of Franck Trouillard (photo Sander van Dijk,

HLR/Club Elite/Club Lotus France win cup

Jean-Pierre Genoud-Prachex, Secretary/Organiser of Club Lotus France (left) and Paul Davis hold up the cup (photo John Mead)

Left to right John Watson, Jean-Pierre Genoud-Prachex, Paul Davis, Charles Helps and Henri Claessens, the owner of the Elan, who is the Historic organiser in Club Lotus France.
(Photo John Mead)

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